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Nominations Sought For Open Source Award 10

Posted by timothy
from the a-field-of-champions dept.
Bryce writes: "OSDL is going to be giving another enterprise linux award this winter. It will be given at the upcoming LinuxWorld / New York. You may recall that in August at LinuxWorld/San Francisco, OSDL awarded $25,000 to Heinz Mauelshagen in honor of his work on the Logical Volume Manager. So, if you know a project or person who you feel has made a significant technical achievement for enterprise Linux, please take a few moments and nominate them for this award."
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Nominations Sought For Open Source Award

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  • Wietse Venema (Score:4, Insightful)

    by geirt (55254) on Friday November 09, 2001 @09:06AM (#2542893)

    My nomination for is Wietse Venema, the author of the postfix [] mail server.


    Have a look at the source code, it is a textbook example of how a program should be written. It is just amazing how well the code is commented (all 100.000 lines of it), and Wietse is doing a fine job of maintaining the code. The program is well behaved (also in severe error conditions like out of memory/disk space, high cpu load, network failures, etc), and have an excellent reputation for being "virtually bug free" ...

    Postfix is simply the finest piece of software I have ever compiled and used, and I hope that the award goes a person because of his exceptionally high software standards: Wietse Venema.

    • Thanks! Be certain to post this via the award nomination form []. (We ask for phone numbers and such, in case we need to gather additional info about the nomination.)

    • I'd nominate the same person, but for his tcp_wrappers instead. (I have no expereince with postfix, so I can't speak to that point.)

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