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Security United States

U.S. Govt. Offers Computer Security Alerts By E-mail 38

Posted by timothy
from the public-sector-v.-public-menace dept.
SilentSage writes "The U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security is offering e-mail alerts on major virus outbreaks and other Internet attacks. The article found here says 'Anyone who signs up with the new National Cyber Alert System will receive e-mails about major virus outbreaks and other Internet attacks as they occur, along with detailed instructions to help computer users protect themselves.'"
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U.S. Govt. Offers Computer Security Alerts By E-mail

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  • Outsourced? (Score:3, Funny)

    by AtariAmarok (451306) on Wednesday January 28, 2004 @01:02PM (#8113808)
    Considering the US government probably outsources most of this type of work

    Now, if only it were outsourced to Finland:

    "SECURITY ALERT - Your computer is running Windows. You are advised to upgrade to a version of Linux immediately. Sincerely, Linus."
  • by Strange Ranger (454494) on Wednesday January 28, 2004 @02:49PM (#8114889)

    SECURITY ALERT:We have been receiving unspecified reports of increased virus activity on the Internet. We are advising that all recipients maintain a Mauve state of alert.

    Please stay alert for updates as more detailed information becomes available. Be aware that we may decide to raise the alert level to Chartreuse.

    Please enable Active X, Java scripting, non-encrypted forms, and form redirection and click here [] for detailed information on the Mauve and Chartreuse Alert Levels.

    In compliance with Act S.877 please click here [] to remove yourself from our mailing list.

    This email best viewed in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.

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