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Security United States

U.S. Govt. Offers Computer Security Alerts By E-mail 38

Posted by timothy
from the public-sector-v.-public-menace dept.
SilentSage writes "The U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security is offering e-mail alerts on major virus outbreaks and other Internet attacks. The article found here says 'Anyone who signs up with the new National Cyber Alert System will receive e-mails about major virus outbreaks and other Internet attacks as they occur, along with detailed instructions to help computer users protect themselves.'"
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U.S. Govt. Offers Computer Security Alerts By E-mail

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  • by AtariAmarok (451306) on Wednesday January 28, 2004 @12:50PM (#8113697)
    How long before there are spams that LOOK like these official notices, with "click here to get rid of virus" links that go to those Norton Antivirus sales scams?

    How long before the first one with a return address of "Tom Rigde" arrives in your inbox.
  • Who Are These People (Score:3, Interesting)

    by DynaSoar (714234) on Wednesday January 28, 2004 @01:02PM (#8113813) Journal
    ... and why should I trust what they say? My prior experience with the NIPC was that they were way behind the learning curve as well as any useful time frame? Can someone point out some independent evidence saying it's worth my time to listen to these people? I'm sure their own site says so, but if I read that there I'd probably just laugh.

    Cynical? If that's what you want to call it. I call it ex-federal employee.

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