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Restructured Ruby on Rails 3.0 Hits Beta 197

Posted by kdawson
from the insert-gems-and-trains-reference dept.
Curlsman informs us that the first beta of Ruby on Rails 3.0 has been released (release notes here). Rails founder David Heinemeier Hansson blogged that RoR 3.0 "feels lighter, more agile, and easier to understand." This release is the first the Merb team has participated in. Merb is a model-view-controller framework written in Ruby, and they joined the RoR development effort over a year ago. Reader Curlsman asks, "So, is version 3 of RoR going to be a big deal, more of the same (good or bad), or just churning technology?"
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Restructured Ruby on Rails 3.0 Hits Beta

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