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RightScale, Scalr, EnStratus: Comparing the APIs 13

Posted by samzenpus
from the best-in-show dept.
Nerval's Lobster writes "Back in May, I took a look at three cloud management platforms: RightScale, Scalr, and enStratus. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that people from two of those companies—RightScale and Scalr—took note of the article and replied in the comments, offering some clarification on their offerings. (And they were very civil: thank you!) What I'd like to do next is re-visit these platforms, but focus directly on the APIs that the three offer—not so much coding, but a high-level picture of them. How do they stack up? What features do they have? How do they fit with standards? And what can you expect from the long-term?"
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RightScale, Scalr, EnStratus: Comparing the APIs

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  • That was a pretty good informative and interesting article. Seriously.

    One or two minor issues in an otherwise pretty good article.

    Before we can draw any conclusions, we need to first determine what your goals are

    1) No you need to do that before you being your research.

    2) Not mentioned in the conclusion at the end is 3rd party which might be driving your goals, although I do give credit that inline the article mentions:

    RightScale has really good support for third-party development platforms. There’s full support for Chef and, with that, strong support for using Chef with Ruby

    Sometimes the most important API calls are the ones you don't directly make. So if you're primary goal is making Chef, uh, cook or whatever, then suddenly rightscale goes

  • Only 12 post at the time of this writting (-1) is this tle least commented article in the recent story of slashdot??

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