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MySQL 5.6 Reaches General Availability 47

Posted by timothy
from the magic-8-ball-says dept.
First time accepted submitter jsmyth writes "MySQL 5.6.10 has been released, marking the General Availability of version 5.6 for production." Here's more on the features of 5.6. Of possible interest to MySQL users, too, is this look at how MySQL spinoff MariaDB (from Monty, one of the three creators of MySQL) is making inroads into the MySQL market, including (as we've mentioned before) as default database system in some Linux distributions.
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MySQL 5.6 Reaches General Availability

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  • by vlm (69642) on Tuesday February 05, 2013 @12:08PM (#42797357)

    That won't work unless he knows what to search for. I'm not running the latest mysql. Maybe they neutered mysqldump, if so that would probably be dumb.
    On the other hand if you're seeing stuff like "ENGINE=innoDB" in your dump but upon restore they're importing as myisam or whatever, you're being bit by an "issue" or "bug" or whatever where innodb isn't starting for whatever reason so mysql helpfully starts up without it and tries its hardest and creates the table using myisam seeing as innodb is dead. Look for "sql_mode=NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION" to disable the "best effort" and look in the logs for why innodb won't start on the new server (who knows why). Its typical of the whole mysql philosophy that it'll try best effort at all times, even if that drives people of a certain outlook bonkers. I don't think you can google for "mysql philosphy" and get this potentially useful or potentially inaccurate opinion.

    On the other hand if they neutered mysql to not store engine type that would just be moronic. It won't affect me when/if I upgrade to 5.6 because I store my schemas as part of the program sourcecode (not in the sourcecode, next to it, like running mysql somedb something.sql will create the table "something" requires if its not already there. In a way this actually would save effort when converting from one DB engine to another.

    The existence of one anecdote that once happened to me years ago which I might not even be correctly remembering does not imply no other cause could exist. But its a start and better than the reply of RTFM noob.

"Success covers a multitude of blunders." -- George Bernard Shaw