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Cloud Software

Adobe Shuts Down Browser Testing Service BrowserLab 40

Posted by timothy
from the buy-laptops-and-racks dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Adobe has shut down its BrowserLab service, used by many for testing content across multiple desktop platforms. The company pointed its customers to two alternatives: BrowserStack and Sauce Labs. BrowserLab offered cross-browser testing by producing screenshots of websites from various browsers across Windows and OS X platforms. It was very useful for developers looking to support as many different users as possible."
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Adobe Shuts Down Browser Testing Service BrowserLab

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  • by ducomputergeek (595742) on Thursday March 14, 2013 @06:02PM (#43176735)

    That's what makes android QA so damned expensive at our shop. If a client says we want iOS compatibility and Android compatibility we have to specify on the Android that it's the Nexus phone and tablet that we only QA against running latest version of android. If they want QA on Samsung devices, well it's $X,XXX per device and $YYY per OS version per device.

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