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How To Build a Simple Open Source Server Monitoring Solution With Mobile Support 58

Posted by timothy
from the be-here-now-or-at-least-check-in dept.
reifman writes "Nothing sucks more than finding an 'Error establishing database connection' on your blog hours after the fact, but it's not easy to find inexpensive, simple monitoring solutions which support smartphone notifications. I wrote MonitorApp, a free, open source software applet which sends notifications to your iPhone (or Android) if anything goes wrong with your web site or services. This tutorial describes how to install and configure MonitorApp for your own purposes. The only cost is a $4.99 mobile application called Pushover — which links MonitorApp to your phone. Pushover also links with Nagios, a more complex open source option — but ironically, Nagios' website was down when I looked for it last month."
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How To Build a Simple Open Source Server Monitoring Solution With Mobile Support

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday August 08, 2013 @04:17PM (#44513395)

    Why reinvent the wheel (and charge for it!) if you can get a more mature and complete solution for free?

    Mobile integration:

  • by richlv (778496) on Thursday August 08, 2013 @07:22PM (#44515577)

    you absolutely do not need any paid component to do notifications. actually, one of the biggest things about zabbix is that it's true opensource - no "open core" or other bullshit, it's all open source. of course, anybody is free to put out some proprietary application, but anything zabbix team does is opensource.

    as for notifications, you can do email, sms, jabber/xmpp and eztexting using the built-in methods, and you can easily extend this without paying for any application

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