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Preventing Cheating At Hackathons 104

theodp writes "The fist rule of Hackathon Club is don't talk about Hackathon Club cheating. But ever-increasing stakes — the MHacks Hackathon at the Univ. of Michigan is offering over $30,000 in prizes — prompts Kevin Conley to broach the subject, suggesting it's time for some common-sense measures — including showing one's code or reducing prize money — to discourage Hackathon ruses, which can include pre-coding, faked live demos/videos, and the use of remote teammates."
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Preventing Cheating At Hackathons

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday September 16, 2013 @11:35AM (#44863745)

    It's slashdot so I can't complain that you didn't read the whole summary since the relevant bits were in the 2nd half. Had you bothered to get all the way to the end you'd see that in some cases people are submitting faked results which means they didn't pass the goal post at all, they 3d rendered the goal post and then pretended they passed it.

    That's not hacking the rules. Hacking the rules would be using a team of 3 people and 18 dogs when the rules state a 3 person limit for a team.

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