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+ - Open Source Languages Rumble at OSCON->

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blackbearnh writes "Everybody knows what the best programming language is, it's whatever one you like the most. But is there a best language overall? Or even a best language for a given purpose? This question has plagued software engineering since the first time there were two languages to choose from. The argument is still going on, of course, but maybe a little light will be shed on the issue this week at OSCON. On Wednesday night at 7PM Pacific, representatives of the 5 major open source languages (perl, PHP, Python, Java and Ruby), as arbitrarily decided by O'Reilly, will meet to debate the merits of their various languages. If you happen to be at OSCON, you can attend the session, or you can watch it live on a webcast and pose questions or comments to the participants. The representatives are:
  • Python: Alex Martelli — Google
  • Ruby: Brian Ford — Engine Yard
  • PHP: Laura Thomson — Mozilla
  • Perl: Jim Brandt — Perl Foundation
  • Java: Rod Johnson — SpringSource

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Open Source Languages Rumble at OSCON

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