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Wireless Networking

+ - Northern Michigan University Launches WiMAX->

Submitted by :&-all_day_long
:&-all_day_long (991491) writes ""Northern Michigan University deployed one of the largest active WiMAX networks in the country on the 10th anniversary of its campus-wide notebook computer program."

"Over the past few years, with WiFi hot spots, NMU covered about 10 percent of the City of Marquette. WiMAX allows us to cover nearly 100 percent" said Gavin Leach, NMU vice president for finance and administration. "This makes us one of the first universities in the United States to be able to provide wireless access to nearly our entire student population. This would not have been possible without the efforts of our technology industry partners; they helped to make this fourth-generation technology a reality in our community."

Northern Michigan University manages to launch one of the largest WiMAX networks, creating one of the first Universities in the US to provide internet access to all of it's students. Now if only they could do something about that website."

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Northern Michigan University Launches WiMAX

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