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Submission Court grants RIAA Sum Judg Motions vs Limewire-> 1

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: District Court Judge Kimba Wood has granted some of the RIAA's key summary judgment motions in Arista Records v Lime Group. In her 59-page decision (PDF) she found Lime Group itself, as well as its CEO and a separate company, liable for intentionally inducing Limewire users to infringe plaintiffs' copyrights. The decision was not a final judgment, so it is not appealable. Additionally, it denied summary judgment on certain issues, and did not address any possible damages.
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Court grants RIAA Sum Judg Motions vs Limewire

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  • That's interesting. TFA says:

    [...] granted summary judgment to the RIAA on several of the key issues in the case:
    holding not only Lime Wire, but also its 87% shareholder (Lime Group) and its CEO and sole director, to be liable as well.

    So, shareholder found liable/guilty? I wonder by what reasoning/argumentation? What did it do (as a shareholder)? (since IANAL, tried to quickly identify the info in the decision (PDF format) [] and failed).

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