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United States

+ - Russians Had Nuke In Washington, DC Embassy-> 1

Submitted by krou
krou (1027572) writes "An interesting little piece by Hugh Sidey, writing for Time: during a dinner with President Kennedy in Palm Beach, Kennedy commented that "[the Russians] have an atom bomb on the third floor of the embassy": 'Aware of J.F.K.'s love of spy stories, I said something like, "Sure, why not?" No, Kennedy continued, it was his understanding that the Soviets had brought the components of an atomic device into the building in inspection-free diplomatic pouches and assembled it in the upstairs attic. "If things get too bad and war is inevitable," he said, "they will set it off and that's the end of the White House and the rest of the city." I laughed. Still suspending his bite of fish, Kennedy said, "That's what I'm told. Do you know something that I don't?" No sign of mirth. The conversation moved on.'"
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Russians Had Nuke In Washington, DC Embassy

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  • You mean the government was aware off all the atrocities they were committing? The lies and disinformation they were spreading?... It almost seems they did it on purpose.... Huh....

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