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An Interview with C++ Creator Bjarne Stroustrup

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  • Yes, DIE. And I say this as someone who makes a living programming in it. You can do anything you want in it, but nothing complex can be done both clearly and efficiently. The standard idiom for looping through a vector of integers is

    std::vector my_vec;
    for (std::vector::iterator iter = my_vec.begin(); iter != myvec.end(); ++iter) { ...

    Ick. And I know that C++0x actually cleans up that case. There's still plenty of ugliness.

    • by toolslive (953869)

      you have my vote.

      Just compare
      - templates in C++0x to the polymorphism available in haskell or ocaml.
      - auto in C++0x to type inference in C#, ocaml, haskell, ....
      - lambda's in C++0x to the real thing in functional programing languages,...

      C++0x is just more pain.

      Come to think of it, a simple death is not brutal enough considered the pain C++ caused me.

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