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Submitted by jhernik
jhernik (1795638) writes "A British hacker who pilfered billions of Zynga’s virtual poker chips faces years behind bars

A 29-year-old gambler from Paignton, Devon, has been sentenced to two years in jail after hacking into an online gambling site and stealing billions of poker chips.

Ashley Mitchell admitted to hacking into the servers of American gaming company Zynga Corporation in 2009 and making off with $12 million (£7.5 million) worth of gambling chips.

Exeter Crown Court’s judge Philip Wassall said the hacker had deliberately “exploited” security weaknesses he had found in Zynga’s website.

“People rely on computer systems,” said Wassall, “Anyone who has managed to get into these systems for their own ends should expect a stiff sentence.”

Gambling addiction
Mitchell was handed a two-year prison sentence for computer misuse and money laundering. In 2009, he broke into Zynga’s main servers and stole the account details of two staff members, before transferring four billion virtual chips to his own account."

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Online Poker Chips Thief Jailed

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