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+ - Microsoft Drops VML in IE10 - urges use standards!->

Submitted by mikejuk
mikejuk (1801200) writes "The news that support for VML and some DirectX based filters is to be dropped in IE10 is announced in the Microsoft ieblog. and developers are encouraged to use the standards based alternative i.e. SVG.
Given Microsoft refused to support the then new 2D SVG standard in favour of its own VML some years back this is ironic to say the least. The confusion that resulted held back 2D web vector graphics so much that SVG is often mistaken for something new in HTML5.
What is even worse is that history is repeating itself with Microsoft refusing to support WebGL, the HTML5 standards way to do 3D graphics, in IE10.
The blog post ends with
"Users benefit when all browsers can work with the same standards-based content."
This is must be a joke — right? Microsoft didn't get the meaning of the above when SVG was being introduced and it still doesn't get it now — and its refusal to adopt WebGL proves it."

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Microsoft Drops VML in IE10 - urges use standards!

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