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+ - The PCification of Ultrabooks->

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MrSeb writes "When Intel wheeled out the first ultrabook in May 2011, it wasn’t hard to see that its inspiration — and arch nemeses — were Apple’s delectable line of laptops and tablets. The basic idea was to produce thin-and-light laptops for under $1,000 that could a) compete with the MacBook Air, and b) draw attention away from the non-Intel-powered iPad. As it turned out, though, due to Apple's unbeatable supply line and virtual monopoly on alumnium unibody chassis, producing an Apple-like laptop for under $1,000 has proven to be very difficult. Now, just six months after ultrabooks were first unveiled, it looks like Intel and OEMs are already giving up. Instead of building up a supply line to rival Apple, or Intel cutting the cost of its (grossly profitable) CPUs, a bunch of cheap, plastic, fat, and heavy "ultrabooks" from the likes of Lenovo and Acer have been announced at CES 2012, and more will surely follow. Is this the start of the PCification of Ultrabooks? Just like Centrino, which started off as an experience performance marque for laptops, in another six months, will every Windows PC laptop simply be called an ultrabook?"
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The PCification of Ultrabooks

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