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+ - ARM expects 20-nanometer processors by late 2013-> 2

Submitted by
angry tapir
angry tapir writes "ARM chips made with an advanced, 20-nanometer manufacturing process could appear in smartphones and tablets by as soon as the end of next year, the head of ARM's processor division said Monday. The more advanced chips should allow device makers to improve the performance of their products without reducing battery life, or offer the same performance with longer battery life."
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ARM expects 20-nanometer processors by late 2013

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  • Is Intel gonna fab the 20nm ARM chips?

    Other than Intel, I can't think of anybody else who can do that in 2013

    Not Samsung, not TSMC, not Globalfoundries, not UMC

    Timeline : 2014, maybe, but not 2013

    • by pip1 (1054852)
      "Is Intel gonna fab the 20nm ARM chips?"

      LOL the days not any where near where intel would be producing arm core tape out silicon, not even in obscure ARM FPGA chips.

      thats what TSMC is for and why ARM inc have them and IBM etc as core partners for their tape out implementation program as in from way back in 10/18/2011

      ARM said it would now optimize its physical IP to the TSMC 20-nm process for power, performance and area and p

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