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Submitted by kye4u
kye4u (2686257) writes "The wall street journal reports that 'At Seattle Children’s Hospital, the death of an infant spurred its CIO, Wes Wright, to install a new generation of PCs providing faster boot-up times. Called zero clients because they contain no conventional operating system of their own and instead rely almost entirely on data and applications transmitted from a server, the new devices can shave almost an hour per day of wasted time per employee. Wright won’t be going back to traditional PCs, even for employees who don’t handle critical cases. “The speed and ubiquity the staff now has – if I took that away I’d have a riot on my hands,” Wright tells CIO Journal.' The CIO claims that making the switch to dumb terminals will save the hospital 6 million over 5 years. I don't see that savings. Is the hospital really better off?"
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Child Death Sparks Post-PC Era at Seattle Hospital

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  • I seriously doubt that this is the actual savings. What about the servers that you need to purchase and run to do the data processing? What about the network equipment you will need to buy and run to support the large amount of data traveling across the network? (Using pc’s instead of terminals allows more data to be processed locally at the pc instead of sending it to the server)

    What about the additional staff that you will need to manage the network and the servers?

    Moving to dumb-terminal big-

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