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+ - The Three Pillars of Nokia Strategy - Have All Failed.-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "When all 3 legs of your 3-legged strategy fail, what do you do? You rush — run run run — to change your total strategy. But what would a madman do? — Read Tommi Ahonen's new article to find out. Is the Nokia board either asleep at the wheel, or incompetent, or in collusion with the incompetent CEO? Tommi gives full details, not just of how Nokia's Windows phone strategy has failed, but how this has spread to other parts of the companies technology and the "Elop Effect" has single-handedly destroyed [...] Europe's biggest tech giant" and leaves us only with the question: Why is Nokia's board failing to act?

We've discussed Tommi's articles before where he was correctly predicting Windows phones market failure at a point where others were claiming that "the Lumia line is, in fact, selling quite nicely""

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The Three Pillars of Nokia Strategy - Have All Failed.

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  • Had the open, linux strategy that precedeed the Elop-era prevailed, (albeit with better, more attuned management), sales of the Nokia N9 and Meego sucessors (such the 950 with a quality keyboard) would have propelled the company arguably more profitably (along with continued legacy support for Symbian), than the eventual burning-platform-result that Windows Phone has produced, 'short-term'. Time is money after all, Mr. Elop, so what have you got to say for yourself, to the board of Nokia and its stakeholder

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