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+ - World Governments Object to New gTLDs like .wtf, .sucks, .baby, .amazon-> 3

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "ICANN is receiving more and more requests for new top level domains (gTLDs) and Governments around the world are busy registering their complaints and objections with the proposed names it has been noticed. Till date more than 200 objections have been raised against proposed gTLDs with Australia leading the pack with over 120 objections. Some of the other countries which are at the forefront of registering their objections include France, Germany and India. US and UK are near the bottom of the list with their fewer objections. ICANN’s “early warnings” about national objections to gTLDs serves as formal objections but it doesn’t mean that these domains will never be signed off. There is always room for discussions and mediation that would allow prospect registrants to keep on pursuing their claims. Australia has objected to names such as ‘.baby’, ‘.app’, ‘.beauty’ among other. It has also objected to names such as ‘.sucks’ and ‘.wtf’ stating that these names have “an overtly negative or critical connotation.”"
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World Governments Object to New gTLDs like .wtf, .sucks, .baby, .amazon

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  • I compiled a list in August for all of Saudi Arabia's objections. Begins with .tattoo which is "contrary to the culture, morality and religion of Islam and Judaism. The creation of a gTLD string which promotes tattooing will be offensive to these societies and cultures, representing billions of people worldwide."

    Moves on to: .sucks .wine .style .bar .wtf .vodka .virgin .sexy .sex .pub .porn .poker .hot .dating .gay .casino .bar .baby .africamagic .adult .ummah .tatar .shia .ismaili .islam .imamat .halal .ca

  • There should be a rule that the .sucks domains are explicitly NOT allowed to be owned by someone with an interest in the name. For instance, apple.sucks shouldn't be allowed to be owned by Apple Records or Apple Inc.

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