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+ - "Whitney Houston" beats out "iPad 3" as most Googled term for 2012->

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tsamsoniw writes "#SOPA was the top hashtagged term on Google+ this past year, according to Google's Zeitgeist 2012, beating out such terms as #Sandy, #Discovery, #Olympics, and #Debates. Apple, meanwhile, can claim having the most-searched products on Google in 2012: iPad 3 was the fourth most-Googled term for the year. The fact that SOPA ranked at the top as the top hashtag is rather interesting, considering all the major events that went down this past year (Olympic, Discovery, elections). But then, we are talking about the most hashtagged terms specifically on Google+ and not, say, Twitter, so the sample likely isn't all too representative of the average social networker. Apple, meanwhile, proved to be the purveyor of the most Google-searched products for 2012. iPad 3 ranked fourth on the list of overall top 10 Google searches for 2012. Topping that list was "Whitney Houston," followed by "Gangam Style" in the second spot, and "Hurricane Sandy" in the third."
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"Whitney Houston" beats out "iPad 3" as most Googled term for 2012

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