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+ - What do you do to stay fit? 1

Submitted by Dishwasha
Dishwasha (125561) writes "What do you do to stay fit? Probably like many of you, this code monkey has lead a fairly sedentary life consisting most on fritos, tab, and mountain dew. Every time I attempt to incorporate exercise in even the most modest amount it never really seems to work out. "Just do it" or joining and going to a gym just doesn't seem to work and with time being my most precious resource at this point, I would like to incorporate exercise in to my daily work process. Our office recently switched to standing desks, which is great, and I would like to possibly bring in a flat treadmill that fits under the standing desk, but my bosses have balked unless the equipment is whisper silent. We are a small business in a traditional office park with no exercise facility. Do any other geeks out there have a similar set up and would like to share what they use to stay heart healthy and improve circulation during their work day? What other ways do you incorporate exercise in to your geeky or nerdy lifestyle?"
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What do you do to stay fit?

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  • For 7-8 months a year. I sit on the couch 11 hours on average and of those about 8 hrs. on the computer. I smoke a 25 pack of kings a day and sleep about 10-11 hrs.
    The other 3-4 months I spend 4-5 hours on the couch, Smoke just about 12 or half a pack a day. My exercise is via gardening, flying my Drones or going fishing, which is mostly just sitting around in the boat and I still sleep about 10-11 hours a day.

    Sleeping is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle and people simply don't get enough. I h

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