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An anonymous reader writes "A recent paper from Georgia Tech describes a system than can run the complete TPC-H benchmark suite on an NVIDIA Titan card, at a 7x speedup over a commercial database running on a 32-core Amazon EC2 node, and a 68x speedup over a single core Xeon. A previous story described an MIT project that achieved similar speedups.

There has been a steady trickle of work on GPU-accelerated database systems for several years, but it doesn't seem like any code has made it into Open Source databases like MonetDB, MySQL, CouchDB, etc. Why not? Many queries that I write are simpler than TPC-H, so what's holding them back?"

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Why Don't Open Source Databases Use GPUs?

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  • The people with the skills have day jobs and want to enjoy time off with other projects.
    The people with the skills have no jobs and want to write the code but the hardware is too expensive.

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