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+ - Emacs needs to move to GitHub as bzr is dying says ESR->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "Eric S. Raymond, the co-founder of Open Source Initiative, has recommended that Emacs should move to another version control system like GitHub as bzr is dying. In a mailer, Raymond highlighted the key reasons why he believes that Emacs should move. Raymond said that bzr is moribund; its dev list has flatlined; and most of Canonical’s in-house projects have already abandoned bzr and moved to GitHub. Open Source Initiative co-founder believes that bzr’s codebase is sufficiently mature to be used as a production tool, but he does mention that continuing to use the revision control system will have "social and signaling effects damaging to Emacs’s prospects.""
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Emacs needs to move to GitHub as bzr is dying says ESR

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