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+ - Mojolicious 5.0: The Very Modern Perl Web Framework -> 1

Submitted by Kvorg
Kvorg (21076) writes "Back in 2012 Slashdot noticed how a the time of Perl 5.16 the modern Perl projects, including Mojolicious, form a new and expanding movement of a Perl Renaissance. With Perl 5.20 and Mojolicious 5.0, the Modern Perl Renaissance is ever more striking.

Faster, neater, sharper with its asynchronious APIs, Mojolicious is the modern age swiss-army toolchest in your pocket, and it cuts it beyond the web, too. It is extremely flexible with its advanced request routing, plugin system, perl templating and hook API. But its adherence to the modern interfaces and standards and its implementation of advanced features in support tools, DOM and CSS selectors makes it a joy to program with.

Mojolicious with its filosophy of optimized code-generation (think metaprogramming), enabled-by-default support for endcodings and UTF-8, zero dependency deployment with wide support for existing CPAN packages, zero downtime restarts and fully tested implementations remind us of how fun and flexible programming in scripting langauges use to be. Of course, integrated documentation and a very supportive bundled development server don't hurt, either.

The new Perl release with new postfix dereference syntax, subroutine signatures, new slice syntax and numerous optimizations makes it all even more fun."

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Mojolicious 5.0: The Very Modern Perl Web Framework

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