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Submission + - Sun to begin close sourcing MySQL ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: From the MySQL User's Conference, Sun has announced, and former CEO Marten Mickos has confirmed, that Sun will be close sourcing sections of the MySQL code base. Sun will begin with close sourcing the backup solutions to MySQL, and will continue with more advanced features. With Oracle owning Innodb, and it being GPL, does this mean that MySQL will be removing it to introduce these features? Sun has had a very poor history of actually open sourcing anything.
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Sun to begin close sourcing MySQL

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  • Hmmm, it reminds me of Blazing Saddles where the Sheriff takes himself hostage. Ah well, we have to make allowances for those with limited vision. Maybe we'll see a fork() and maybe we won't, from the developer community. I never was comfortable enough with MySQL's license to offer my time to them. And it appears that for the limited view of good management of my time, I was right. For those of you who put your time into helping MySQL become a great DB, and who must feel like a child kicked in the tumm

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