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Submission + - California can't perform pay cut because of COBOL ( 4

beezzie writes: "Last week, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered a pay cut for 200,000 state workers because a state budget hadn't been approved yet. The state controller, who has opposed the pay cut on principle and legal grounds, now says the pay cut (which would bump workers down to the federal minimum wage of $6.55/hr) isn't even feasible because the state's payroll systems are so antiquated. The system is based on COBOL, according to the Sacramento Bee, and the state hasn't yet found the funds or resources to upgrade it."
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California can't perform pay cut because of COBOL

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  • because a budget isn't approved (read:administrative error) 200k people are asked to work for $6.55/hr? That's nuts.

    Even funnier about COBOL... :)

  • It's doesn't matter *what* the payroll system is written in. If it's been running more than oh about 5 minutes, then salaries etc. must be tweakable without re-writing the goddamn code, and if they're saying that no-one knows how to adjust the pay tables then how the hell are they using it now? Sounds to me as if the state controller is playing power games...


  • Its a case of ANOTHER admin gone rogue and changed the passwords. And the State Controller is just stalling for time to cover his ass.

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