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+ - SPAM: Why Corporates Hate Perl

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Anti-Globalism writes "Management have started to refer to Perl-based systems as legacy and to generally disparage it. This attitude has seeped through to non-technical business users who have started to worry if developers mention a system that is written in Perl. Business users, of course, dont want nasty old, broken Perl code. They want the shiny new technologies.

I dont deny at all that this company (like many others) has a large amount of badly written and hard to maintain Perl code. But I maintain that this isnt directly due to the code being written in Perl. Its because the Perl code has developed piecemeal over the last ten or so years in an environment where there was no design authority which encouraged developers to think beyond getting their immediate task done. Many of these systems date back to this companys first steps onto the internet and were made by separate departments who had no interaction with each other. Its not really a surprise that the systems dont interact well and a lot of the code is hard to maintain."

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Why Corporates Hate Perl

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