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+ - Oracle top execs answer Sun employee questions

Submitted by
The Register
The Register writes "Sun invited Oracle prez Charles Phillips and chief corporate architect Edward Screven to an employee-only town hall this Wednesday, where they took questions on what's coming. The Register's Gavin Clarke got the scoop, here. They said they'd be "crazy" to close Java, that Oracle "needs" MySQL, and all Sun's processors look appealing. They hedged on OpenOffice — Phillips said he couldn't comment on any product line — and on Sun's work in high-performance computing. Screven made it pretty clear the Sun vision of cloud does not fit with Oracle's: that Oracle sees itself as a provider of infrastructure like virtualization to make clouds, not a provider of hosted services. As for whose staying and whose getting cut at Sun: Phillips said Oracle needs Sun but warned "tough decisions" will be coming. Don't forget, this is the company that couriered pink slips to PeopleSoft staff it cut following that acquisition."
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Oracle top execs answer Sun employee questions

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