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Give Your Reaction To OpenGL 2.0 Proposals 9 webmaster writes: "Now that the OpenGL 2.0 white papers are in review, we'd like to indicate to the OpenGL Architectural Review Board who is considering taking advantage of these developments. If your hardware or software company is in favor of the direction and ideas behind OpenGL 2.0, please take a few seconds to indicate your support by adding your company name and comments to this survey list."
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Give Your Reaction To OpenGL 2.0 Proposals

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  • If I were a lesser man, I'd take the liberty of submitting the survey on behalf of such fine companies as NVidia and ATI. Hell, I might submit a survey on behalf of Microsoft or Dell or Bob's Discount Graphics Card Warehouse-O-Rama or The State of West Virginia.

    But I'm not that man. Luckily, 90% of Slashdot users are that man. Have at it, men. OpenGL 2.0 will be the most widely-supported standard around.

  • I was looking at a book on DirectX 7 and I saw that you could load and render a 3D studio max model into a direct3d object in about four lines of code.

    Does OpenGL have this? If not, should it? Or would this be the turf of an extension?
  • I was actually sort of surprised to see 3dlabs take the lead on the 2.0 project, especially given that they don't have any programmable hardware. It has given me faith in that company again. OpenGL 2.0 looks great. Even DX8 isn't truly hardware independent(one pixel shader revision per product!). Dunno how it will look compared to DX9, but it's nice to see something after such a long period when the only innovations in GL were developer proprietary extensions. Nice to play with, not so nice to create a finished product with.

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