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O'Reilly Motif Books On-Line and Free 21

MightyMicro writes "According to the Motifdeveloper community site, the O'Reilly Motif Programming Manual and Reference Guide are now available for free download from Imperial Software's site. As Open Motif is also free for Linux (and xBSD), this looks like a valuable resource."
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O'Reilly Motif Books On-Line and Free

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  • by Adrian Voinea ( 216087 ) <adrian@g d s . ro> on Monday February 04, 2002 @01:05PM (#2950840) Homepage Journal
    A lot of people are very hesitant to install a whole set of libraries to run only one application -- almost no matter how good the app is -- when there are 'good enough' alternatives for the standard libs they already have.

    Do you feel that NEdit has suffered from not using more popular libraries, and does it matter to you?

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 04, 2002 @02:58PM (#2951403)
    From my experience, Motif is ANCIENT technology. A Motif-based desktop is essentially the same as a Windows Desktop fixed at 16-color 640x480 resolution, with fonts and buttons pushed up to the highest size possible. Oh yeah, and no proportional sized fonts.

    None of that is actually true though. Is there an anything in particular you think KDE does better than Motif?
  • by morbid ( 4258 ) on Tuesday February 05, 2002 @01:06PM (#2956109) Journal
    There must be hundreds or thousands of legacy applications out there built to use Motif. Having a reference like this will be invaluable for those poor souls who have to maintain those pieces of code. Just because it's old and there are many more modern alternatives available doesn't automatically make it irrelevant.

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