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New LDP Collection Editor & Review Coordinator 8

drfickle writes: "Although there has not yet been a formal announcement, David Merrill has stepped down as the Linux Documentation Project Collection Editor & Review Coordinator and appointed Joy Yokley Goodreau as his replacement. Joy has been very active in the LDP community for well over a year and has represented the LDP at many Linux conferences. She is an employee of the IBM Linux Technology Center on the LDoc team."
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New LDP Collection Editor & Review Coordinator

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  • Virus HOWTO (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward
    A much more interesting LDP story is the ongoing debate on the mailing list regarding the proposed virus writer's HOWTO.

    Basically this boils down to the free speechers vs. those who feel it's inappropriate for the LDP and would be bad for PR.

    I tend to the latter view: let it be published elsewhere, but it's too contentious for the LDP.

    • This is not the whole truth. There is no question of whether we will publish the document. The question is how it needs to be expanded in order to be a responsible document that helps people defend as much as it helps people potentially attack Linux systems. We are not into the censorship business.

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