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BladeEnc Development Officially Discontinued 16

skojt writes: "I saw on the Swedish site that Tord Jansson has announced that he discontinues development of BladeEnc. He says that he is tired of lawyers, that Lame does a better job for the average user and that Ogg Vorbis is a better choice." BladeEnc fans need not worry too much, though -- Jansson also says on the site "My devotion to the free software movement is as strong as ever and I just love to tinker with code, so you can be quite sure that you haven't seen the last of me yet."
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BladeEnc Development Officially Discontinued

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  • aww man (Score:1, Redundant)

    by skotte ( 262100 )
    blade is my fFavorite! i really enjoy his personal outlook on the technology, and greatly appreciate all the work put in on the product.

    ah well, i cant blame him. lets hope he keeps the latest version available fFor a while.

    i agree with his observations on Ogg Vorbis. it is basically better. but i think until it is a little more widely used, i'll stick with blade.

    thanks fFor a good run!
  • What next??? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by OneFix ( 18661 ) on Wednesday August 14, 2002 @10:48AM (#4070050)
    I will first say that I used to use BladeENC for all of my MP3 encoding. And somewhere (about a year ago) I realized that LAME was advancing beyond BladeENC in terms of quality.

    I also agree with his interpertation of MP3 and how the owners of the format have made it harder on developers as it became more widely accepted. I also agree that Ogg Vorbis is a better format than MP3. Vorbis is actually becomming very popular as a sound format for MPEG4-based video codecs (DIVX/XVID/etc). The main reason for this (besides the fact of higher quality and smaller size) is that OGG supports multiple channels (read AC3).

    I would certainly be interested in seeing a new encoder by this author for the Ogg Vorbis format. I know that he mentions that:

    Now, four years later, I feel more like eventually starting some new hobby project which lies closer to my area of knowledge and interest.

    Of course, this is only a hope...I realise that directly before this he says:

    My skills are in designing and building elegant and flexible systems for handling complex tasks in an optimal way, not dealing with FFTs, compression technologies or scientific models for subjective perception of audio.

    Hopefully, BladeENC is merely a beginning for him. I think that, while he might not have the extensive background required for writing an encoder, that may very well be the one thing that sets his project apart from an encoder like LAME.
  • Is there anywhere to still download the binaries?

    I'd like to preserve it for posterity ;)

  • by Dr.Dubious DDQ ( 11968 ) on Wednesday August 14, 2002 @12:12PM (#4070639) Homepage

    If he's into multimedia and codecs and such. I'd love to see usable code come out of the Ogg/Theora project [] soon - especially an encoder...

    He's obviously got talent and experience with related coding from BladeENC, and Theora has a similar goal ("free" multimedia for wide use)...

    Not that I'm anxious to see Theora take off or anything :-)

  • I was used to encode with BladeEnc, probably I'll switch to LAME... :-)

    Salvatore Meschini
    http: //
  • I'm used to encode with LAME, so I'm not too sad for this news... :-)

    Salvatore Meschini
    http: //
  • I'm sorry to see BladeEnc go. Okay, I never liked it as an encoder, but it did start the ball rolling, and was the first DLL-based encoder (in fact the Lame DLL is built on the commands originally used by BladeEnc).

    Let's hope that its developer helps out with Lame or with Ogg Vorbis and its related technologies. I'm very impressed by Ogg as an audio format, and can see it rivalling Windows Media Audio in the not so distant future.

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