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KDevelop 3.0 beta 1 42

e8johan writes "The KDevelop team has released the first beta of KDevelop 3.0 a.k.a. Gideon (download here). The GUI has been completely rewritten, support has been added for more languages, auto-completion, etc. Plus a bundle of improvements, the change overview can be found here. Judging from the screenshots ( 1, 2 and 3) it looks even more promissing than I dared to hope for!"
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KDevelop 3.0 beta 1

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  • Error (Score:5, Informative)

    by rickms ( 535706 ) on Monday October 14, 2002 @10:28AM (#4445370)
    It's ALPHA 1, not beta. Rick
    • I'm sorry, my fault!

      I hope that I haven't caused to much inconvinience. But you must admit, it does look good!
      • Yeah, it looks great.. Saw the news a day or so ago on dot.kde.org, and I was like 'Beta already! they just released alpha' :)

  • Holy crap (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Apreche ( 239272 )
    I've always used KDevelop for linux C and C++ development. Looks like I'll be using it for Java soon as well. Hooray!
  • Gack! (Score:1, Interesting)

    by FroMan ( 111520 )

    Sure, it may look more complete than before. But that is awful looking! Why would any developer use such an ugly look. I assume you can change the 'bubbley-ness' to the look with a different theme, but to put out screen shots that look like that?

    It reminds me of winxp my sister-in-law uses. That look is not clean. I like defined lines! I like squared edges on buttons. I don't like bubbles. I do not lick my desktop.

    Make it go away!

    • Re:Gack! (Score:3, Informative)

      Thats Keramik, the new Qt Style/Window Decoration thats going to be in KDE 3.1
    • Re:Gack! (Score:2, Insightful)

      by Seli ( 51600 )
      Is it really that difficult to select a different widgets style if you don't one?

  • Multi Language IDE (Score:2, Interesting)

    by J0ey4 ( 233385 )
    Is anyone aware of how extensive their support for non-C++ projects will be. Are they going to include full debugging capabilities? Perhaps have a javadoc tab similar to the current QT documentation tab?

    This is extremely exciting stuff, I am not aware of any other IDE that let you develop in multiple languages AND multiple toolkits...if they are fully supporting those other languages and toolkits like they do with C++ and QT.....wow....I'm going to be using this for everything I do from now on.....
    • by uradu ( 10768 ) on Monday October 14, 2002 @01:07PM (#4446496)
      > I am not aware of any other IDE that let you develop in multiple languages AND multiple toolkits

      On Linux maybe. You are aware that KDevelop is (more or less closely) tracking the Visual Studio IDE from Microsoft? It used to look A LOT like VC++, and with version 3 it's adopting the new VS.NET look and functionality, including the New Project dialog and the code expansion and collapsing features (the tree gadgets on the left of the code). Not that that's a bad thing, the VS.NET has some pretty neat features.
    • by Samrobb ( 12731 ) on Monday October 14, 2002 @03:04PM (#4447425) Homepage Journal
      I am not aware of any other IDE that let you develop in multiple languages AND multiple toolkits

      How about Eclipse [eclipse.org]?

      The Java suppor is mature; the C/C++ [eclipse.org] tools are due for a release by the end of the month; and a Cobol [eclipse.org] tools project just got underway. "Unofficial" tools projects include Python [sourceforge.net], C# [improve-technologies.com], AspectJ [sourceforge.net], Eiffel [sourceforge.net], Ruby [sourceforge.net], and others [2y.net]

      • by Anonymous Coward
        please read your post again (moderators too).

        the argument is that there are no other IDEs that let you develop in multiple languages and toolkits.

        your response, Eclipse, and your explanation contradict each other. you even say it yourself: Java support is mature. C and C++ tools are not ready, Cobol tools just got started, and Python, C#, Aspect, Eiffel, and Ruby are all 3rd-party add-ons and not officially supported.

        don't get me wrong, i like eclipse. I've used it periodically, but to say that it can handle multiple languages and toolkits is a bid misleading
        • by Samrobb ( 12731 )
          don't get me wrong, i like eclipse. I've used it periodically, but to say that it can handle multiple languages and toolkits is a bid misleading

          Ummm... it can handle multiple languages and toolkits. I'm using it for Java, C, and C++ development (multiple languages), and for testing cross-platform development. I've used it to compile a Linux kernel, build a couple of GNU utilities, and compile GUI apps using GTK and QT.

          Languages support is better in some instances than in others. C/C++ is more than usable; I haven't used any other language features, but I've seen messages from folks actively developing those features and using those languages.

          As for "Python, C#, Aspect, Eiffel, and Ruby are all 3rd-party add-ons and not officially supported"... Eclipse is an open source project under IBM's CPL. The only difference, AFAICT, between "supported" and "unsupported" projects is that "supported" projects have Eclipse consortium members devoting resources to them.

          Other than that, everyone has the same code, everyone uses the same APIs, and the Eclipse core team is just as likely to take a patch from a Python feature developer as a CDT or Cobol team developer. Eclipse is usable for developing in multiple languages and toolkits now, and that level of support and usablity is only going to increase as time goes by.

      • I will be jumping for joy when ANY platform-agnostic IDE produces an API for introducing new language support. It seems like every time I find a new beautiful language to start using, my then favorite IDE has just finally managed to support whatever language I had just given up using.

        In this case, Python parsing support is popping up, while Cocoa has enticed me away. So of course, there is only ONE SINGLE EDITOR on the planet (to my knowledge) that has parsing features for Objective-C (as in code completion and symbol information): CodeWarrior. Sigh.
        • by Anonymous Coward
          XEmacs happily handles ObjC with a variant of the C major mode.

          And if you don't think XEmacs is an IDE, then I can't help you.

      • Eclipse easily eats up 100MB of RAM on my machine. Most Java-capable IDEs need lots of memory, unfortunately. It would be nice to have an IDE with a little less footprint, which is why kdevelop looks so promising.
  • by uradu ( 10768 ) on Monday October 14, 2002 @12:57PM (#4446407)
    Before adding tons of new features? I like KDevelop and use it a lot, but it's got plenty of glitches, such as buggy syntax highlighting settings and a broken help viewer (BACK button doesn't work amongst other things). How about some simple but nice additions like Go To Declaration, jump between declaration and definition, etc? Plus, it would be great to have some sort of macro capabilities inside the IDE, on a per-project basis.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Well, Gideon/KDevelop3 is one big bugfix, in a sense, since it's a full rewrite with a much cleaner architecture. So old bugs really don't apply to it.
    • by sultanoslack ( 320583 ) on Monday October 14, 2002 @04:41PM (#4448404)
      How about you do some bug fixes, or how exactly was it that you planned for these fixes to happen?

      Really, I'm not trying to flame, but this is Open Source, and I will repeat the thing that has been said several times: We do this in our spare time. Please don't complain about what we do in our spare time.

      This isn't to say that you can't get the bug fixed.

      Report it!: (Too many people don't realize that reporting bugs [kde.org] is important and valued!)

      Fix it yourself: Hey, that's what this is all about! This is the developers section, and a thread about a development tool. You've got the source, go for it!

      Pay someone to fix it: Seriously. Everyone thinks this a catch all, but many of the KDE developers, myself included would be willing to fix bugs for a modest price. Put EUR/$ 50 behind your request, and it's likely to happen! Hell, send a 6 pack of beer and you're likely to have a new friend.

      I'm just trying to put this in perspective. The KDE devopers specifically, and most OSS developers in general do this for fun in their spare time. And here's another little secret: there aren't many of us. I would guess that 90% of the Open Source software that currently being worked on is developed by less than 500 people (That's just developers; there are a lot of wonderful translators and documentors out there too.).

      We really try to produce great software, and in fact I think we succeed, but if you care about the stuff, please, help out! Donate something: time, money, hardware, whatever. It will be infinitely more appreciated and fruitful than complaining on Slashdot.

      • > How about you do some bug fixes

        Well, it comes down to inertia. The thought of pouring over endless lines of someone else's code to understand its design and find the bug(s) would usually put me off doing what you suggest, but I might just do it anyway if I download Gideon and see that my pet bugs are still there. Even though that would mean interrupting a project to fix a tool, but what the heck.
        • This is when good design tools come into play (not that there are any).

          Browsing through a top down/bottom up design hierarchy should make fixing the bug easy, and you'll know exactly how wrote the code in the first place if you need a hand!

          almost and example:

          project node Kdevelop
          / \
          sub levels GUI Makefile ...
          / \
          more sublevels.....
          finally the class's at the bottom with there pendants and dependants

          Class CheckSpelling{
          private: .........


          And the function you want

          Designed by Bill, Haray and Bob
          Written by Sally , Haray and Bob
          Reviewed by Johna and Bill
          Bugs todate 10
          Parent Class CheckSpelling
      • Why don't distributions provide debug builds of betas and alhpa.

        e.g. Manrdakes packages KDE betas/alhpas never produce stack traces, even the ones from kde unstable.

        If the distributions built unstable projectes with debug turned on then you'd get more, better bug reports.
    • How about some more bug fixes? Before adding tons of new features?

      How about some simple but nice additions like Go To Declaration, jump between declaration and definition, etc? Plus, it would be great to have some sort of macro capabilities inside the IDE, on a per-project basis.

      You are aware that these paragraphs negate each other? What point were you trying to make besides, "I wish the developers would fix all the bugs I personally notice and still add all the features I personally want"? Well, join the crowd..

  • I though these screenshots were intended to be used as wallpaper!

    At least I did that with screenshot 2 in my Win 98 (looks nice near TortoiseCVS)
  • I have not used KDevelop properly but remember popping it open a couple of years ago and poking around. I was quite impressed. The KDevelop team deserve a lot of praise for the quality of this application - well done!

    Looking at the screenshots just now though (I know ... shallow) made me think a little too much of XP. Really, pretty close - people will think Linux applications are just knock-off's of Microsoft's. I hope it's just a 'theme' but it has that 'fisher-price' XP look :-/
  • Are people moving closer to or further from IDEs? I get the impression that they imprison me and deny me the flexibility that I need, and usually lock me in in some way, well that's my 2c.
  • Ideally, the editor would be a kparts plug-in.

    That way all those former Windows developers could use a VS style editor and I could use a vi style editor and not worry about having my muscle memory taking over ;)

  • As I read the posts on ./ regarding KDevelop, what appears on the page? Well, a big ol' fat ad for Microsoft Visual Studio for .NET.

  • <sarcastic> when does the windows verison come out? oh boy, oh boy! is this KDeveop.NET?? </sarcastic> Why couldn't they have used Keramik for the window style. /me is angry
  • With java support coming, is this likely too?

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