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PHP Programming

PHP 4.3.0 Released 243

aftk2 writes "PHP.Net has just reported the release of PHP 4.3.0. The update sports a unified method of handling files and sockets, a bundled GD library (for working with images), and finalizes PHP's command line interface. For other information, check out the ChangeLog."
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PHP 4.3.0 Released

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday December 27, 2002 @04:06PM (#4968367)
    when's that due?
  • by YellowSnow ( 569705 ) on Friday December 27, 2002 @04:07PM (#4968372)
    To eliminate duplicate Slashdot posts
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday December 27, 2002 @04:34PM (#4968540)

    While I wouldn't use its to code the new Doom (VB would be a better choice)


    Ahh, an excellent post. I'll give you a solid B+.

    But, if I may give you some advice. The VB comment gives you away. You must make your trolls highly subtle, even more so than they are now. They must balance lightly on a fine edge between Trolldom and NonTrolldom. People in a hurry should be able to scan your message and be 100% convinced you are an idiot, and have no idea you are really in control. Then they will post, and when the troll is discovered, THEY will look like idiots, and you will be revealed as a genius because of your gentle entrapment. This is the true genius of a troll. To ensnare and to incite the unwary.

    One metric I use in my own efforts is the dynamic of up/down moderations. A "perfect troll" should look like this:

    1. First the comment should be modded up +3 or +4 insightful immediately, since your post will no doubt be long, and in the early stages, all long posts are considered insightful because nobody bothers to read them.
    2. Next, people who disagree with you will come by and mod it down to +1 flaimebait (a few humourless souls will actually mod it as a troll).
    3. Next, people who get the joke will come and raise it to +3,+4 funny. Now your Troll is gaining steam.
    4. It should waffle about between Troll and Funny for several minutes, hours if you're good. Hitting zero is a bad sign, your post might get lost. If this happens, you made your troll too inflammitory.
    5. When things settle, you should have "total=16" or better in the mod point summary.
    6. Finally, it should stablize at +4 funny. +5 means you made the joke too obvious. +4 is perfection. If you make it this far, congratulations!

    I wish you luck in your further efforts.

  • by happypizzaguy ( 325415 ) on Friday December 27, 2002 @04:40PM (#4968576) Homepage
    I thought this [bbspot.com] might apply here. Hypertext preprocessors are pretty dangerous. Everyone use 4.3.0 with caution.

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