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PHP Programming

International PHP Conference 2003 14

Sebastian Bergmann writes "The Call for Papers for the International PHP Conference 2003 Spring Edition has started. The conference will be held on May 8th and 9th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Like its sister event, the International PHP Conference 2003 Fall Edition, the conference will gather both the PHP Development Team and PHP enthusiasts from all over the world for two days of discussion, sessions and workshops."
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International PHP Conference 2003

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  • More Information (Score:5, Informative)

    by Motherfucking Shit ( 636021 ) on Wednesday January 15, 2003 @02:46PM (#5089120) Journal
    FYI, the deadline for submissions is January 31st. You can submit a proposal here [phpconference.de], and speakers should have at least two lectures to present. The topics covered at the conference will include:
    • General PHP
    • PHP & Business
    • PHP & Databases
    • PHP Design
    • PHP Extensions
    • PHP & XML
    • PHP-GTK
    Oh, and anyone who's invited to be a speaker/presenter will have their way paid by the conference.
  • by lux55 ( 532736 ) on Wednesday January 15, 2003 @08:11PM (#5091199) Homepage Journal

    Try is_int() [php.net] or is_numeric() [php.net]. The latter will return true for strings that are all number as well (ie. '123').

    You can also convert that string to a number via:

    $num = (int) $num;

    Validation/filtration is pretty easy in PHP. I agree though, the tutorials usually don't provide enough references as to what functions are useful. Regexes can only take you so far (quite far albeit) before your application shows a noticeable drop in performance.

    It would be nice to see PHP Security added to the list of topics.

  • Re:PHP Wishlist (Score:3, Informative)

    by g_dancer ( 308076 ) on Thursday January 16, 2003 @02:42AM (#5092640) Homepage
    With the upcoming major release (PHP 5) PHP [php.net] will overcome its deficits when it comes to object-oriented language constructs. Have a look at this [zend.com] for a list of new features of the Zend Engine 2, the compiling and executing kernel of PHP 5. The Script Running Machine (SRM) [vl-srm.net] completes PHP to an Application Server by providing a co-process to the web-server that runs persistent PHP objects.

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