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Linux Archive, Now By Date 9

RobotWisdom writes "Ibiblio's historic archive for Linux, linked recently, offers lots of old distros, but the dates aren't obvious. I went through and dug out what dates I could for my timeline, but couldn't find any date for several." Robot Wisdom managed to collect an impressive list; read on below for the result.

" The ones I got:

1993: 02Aug: SLS Linux [distro] [more]
1994: 29Jan: Debian version 0.91 [distro]
1994: 05Feb: Slackware 1.1.2 [distro] [more]
1994: Marc Ewing begins the Red Hat GNU/Linux distro [1.0] [more]
1994: 30Mar: MCC Interim 1.0+ [distro]
1994: Apr: SuSE Linux [beta distro]
1994: Oct: Xdenu linux [distro]
1994: 06Nov: SunACM ftp-archives [snapshot] SunSite [snapshot]
1995: Mario Valenti's Mini-linux [distro]
1995: 06Nov: JE linux 0.95 (Japanese extensions) [distro]
1995: 08Dec: BLADE 0.3 for Digital Alpha [distro]
1996: Jan: MIPS port [archive]
1996: 24Apr: Jurix linux [distro]
1996: 17Jun: Debian 1.1 for i386 [distro]
1996: 29Sep: MIT ftp-archives [snapshot] SunSite [snapshot]
1996: 30Sep: dilinux (drop-in for DOS systems) [distro]
1996: 07Oct: TSX-11 ftp-archives [snapshot]

If anyone can supply dates for those I missed (mainly early ports), please use the 'Suggestions' box at the bottom of my timeline page."

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Linux Archive, Now By Date

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