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Vancouver PHP Conference: Cheaper And Better 21

burnitall writes "The Vancouver PHP User's Group is hosting the ultimate deal in cons next Thursday and Friday (Jan 22 & 23) in Vancouver BC CA - registration is only $150 CDN vs thousands at more commercial events. This is a non-profit con bringing together some of the biggest names in PHP, including Rasmus Lerdorf ( PHP inventor ) and Sterling Hughes (PHP core developer) amongst others. The conference is put on by volunteers and is still seeking sponsorship ..."
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Vancouver PHP Conference: Cheaper And Better

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  • by eric.t.f.bat ( 102290 ) on Monday January 12, 2004 @11:26PM (#7959336)

    Here's one way to raise some cash for this: get the guy(s) who invented PHP to sit on a chair, then sell waterlogged sponges to all the people who've ever used PHP. As they throw the sponges, let them shout things like "pick a naming standard and stick to it, you bastards!", or "read the fsking Dragon Book before you inflict your high-school-level language design skills on the rest of the world!". You'd raise a mint.

    Right. Better get back to debugging my PHP...

    • Actually, I like PHP better than 'designed' languages like Java or C#. It's simple, it's easy to find functions, and you can do almost anything youd need to by stringing the functions together or by installing a library and using the then-built-in functions (Instead of having to find one of three hundred million methods IN THE MAIN MODULES TREE on how to draw a graph ... *cough* perl *cough* java *cough, hack*...
  • Yeah, it is a great price for an IT conference, but travel costs, not conference price (and definitely not content) are why I would go to Vancouver over Amsterdam [].

    Besides, aren't conferences just a lame alternative for those of us who weren't invited to go camping []

    -TekZen []
    • Although, in January, you might want to bring a lot of warm cloths. It's cold in New Hampshire right now, and our weather coming from Canada. That's probably why it's so cheap. Somebody up there in the Vancouver city government was thinking:
      "How can we bring more people to the frozen north in January?"

      A lightbulb appears fully lit.
      We'll put on an ultra-cheap tech confrence and bring hords of geeks up here
      • No offense, but Vancouver has about as much in common with the Ontario and Quebec to the north of you as you have with Seattle.

        ie. we don't actually get winter. Although it did snow a little last week.

        It does rain a lot though. Like right now. Certainly not the best time to come here, but it isn't cold.

  • The actual url is: []

    Timothy, can you fix it?

  • The conference is put on by volunteers and is still seeking sponsorship

    They should call Zope corporation. I guess if they will promise to present at the conference the migration way from PHP to Zope then Zope Corp may pay something for it! And they can do it simultaniously with other web tech vendors: Microsoft (.Net), Sun (EJB).

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