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Study Recommends Gnumeric Over MS Excel 86

Jody Goldberg writes "A recent study of analytic quality, and responsiveness to problems strongly preferred Gnumeric in place of MS Excel. With new problems popping up in Office XP the case for spreadsheet users to migrate is only getting stronger. In some related Gnumeric quickies, a new stable version 1.2.6 was released, and Open has done an interview with the Maintainer."
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Study Recommends Gnumeric Over MS Excel

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  • by bruthasj ( 175228 ) <bruthasj@yPASCALahoo.com minus language> on Monday February 23, 2004 @09:42AM (#8361495) Homepage Journal
    Someone had to pay for this [slashdot.org] little Gnumeric study! Get out the torches ... oh, wait.
  • Maintainer? (Score:5, Funny)

    by Chromodromic ( 668389 ) on Monday February 23, 2004 @11:50AM (#8362445)
    Can we please not capitalize "the Maintainer"? It's a bit too "Logan's Run" for me, or for anyone I think. Geekness has overstepped boundaries when Those Who Are In Control of Software are afforded the same nobility in print as the King, the President, and the Messiah. Let's remember that software engineering is a discipline, a job, and that we, as a group, can't produce bugless office software, much less achieve such status in society that we must be addressed by our titles, that those titles must be honored, that the masses must gaze upon us and tremble ... which, by and large and not incidentally, they do---but only geeks would assume that it's in awe of our deep knowledge of C++ and Java ...

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