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James Gosling On The Sun/Microsoft Settlement 361

greg_barton writes "James Gosling has responded to the two previous commentaries cited on Slashdot about the Java Dilemma. Some interesting excerpts: "In Rick Ross's 'Where Is Java In This Settlement?' he worries that Sun may have sold out the Java community. We didn't. We have not sold our soul to the Dark Side." and "There's a long thread of discussion on Slashdot 'Two Takes on the Java Dilemma' that is pretty entertaining, from a wow, what are they smoking! point of view. There are voices of reason, and conspiracy nuts.""
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James Gosling On The Sun/Microsoft Settlement

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 13, 2004 @10:04PM (#8856102)
    Do we hate Sun this week? Or was that next week?
  • by dj245 ( 732906 ) on Tuesday April 13, 2004 @10:05PM (#8856105) Homepage
    Anyone else read this as "James Gosling On The Sun / Microsoft Settles"?

    Maybe they are afraid that James is going to dramaticically increase the amount he is charging them for radiant energy. Personally I think we should all boycott James Gosling as I don't believe he as actually laid claim to the sun by actually going there.

  • by Deraj DeZine ( 726641 ) on Tuesday April 13, 2004 @10:09PM (#8856133)
    from a wow, what are they smoking! point of view

    Is that a "Wow! What are they smoking? Since when were drugs for nerds?" point of view he's talking about or perhaps a "Wow! What are they smoking? Why is their English still mostly intact?" or (most probably) "Wow! What are they smoking? Can I get that here in the States?"

    These Java supporters are really shady characters. Corrupting our youth's minds...

  • by Grydon ( 663288 ) on Tuesday April 13, 2004 @10:26PM (#8856242)
    We have not sold our soul to the Dark Side. certainly not. oh by the way do you know any good ways to get the windows logos off of our foreheads?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 13, 2004 @10:36PM (#8856314)
    I thought it was funny:
    1) Read Gosling bash on moronic Slashdot posts
    2) Go and see that the top post on Slashdot in reply is totally moronic.
  • by Otter ( 3800 ) on Tuesday April 13, 2004 @11:15PM (#8856602) Journal
    My first exposure to RMS was his preface to the book that came bundled with MkLinux. It began with this guy from the FSF (which I knew had something to do with Emacs) explaining that while Linux on the PPC was well and good:
    1) It's GNU/Linux!
    2) He still hates Apple.
    3) Why wasn't the book free?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 14, 2004 @12:24AM (#8857035)
    Sun is currently on the special-case "permanently dubious" list, the one that Apple used to be on before they started making the powerbooks out of sleek gray metal and all the /. editors bought them.

    This means it isn't a like/hate thing, they just get to oscillate between "view what they have done as no better than dubiously useful and cast aspersions on their motivations" (where they were at three weeks ago, when there were those linux Java Desktop articles) and "blow everything they do out of proportion, declare anything they do that doesn't directly help the open source community to be treason, and pronounce them simultaneously doomed and dead" (where we are this week).

    We will be staying in this second mode for at least another week or two, so stay alert for further instructions.
  • by bfg9000 ( 726447 ) on Wednesday April 14, 2004 @09:10AM (#8858901) Homepage Journal
    Sun sells out to Microsoft; a few days later a famous Sun celebrity issues a statement that they *haven't* sold out. Typical spin and damage control. I can almost see Ballmer's hand up Gosling's ass and moving his mouth for him like he was Oscar the Grouch.

    Let their actions, and the result of those actions, speak for themselves -- NOT this MS-Approved sermon on the mount. Basic Fact: Sun and Microsoft are in bed together... just looking at history, Microsoft and ANYBODY in bed together is bad for Open Source and Free Software. And this is probably bad for Apple, too.

    But overall, nice work from Keep-It-Closed-Gosling in trying to turn the FOSS community against itself again.
  • by Sj0 ( 472011 ) on Wednesday April 14, 2004 @10:29AM (#8859476) Journal
    An OS based on an interpreted bytecode language! Was this moronic or what?

    Haven't you read about what the native API for longhorn is going to be?

    It's a sad, sad day for all the little people who might give a damn. :)

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