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PHP Programming Security

PHP Security Consortium Launched 64

Chris Shiflett writes "We're happy to announce the official launch of the PHP Security Consortium (PHPSC). Our mission is 'to promote secure programming practices within the PHP community through education and exposition while maintaining high ethical standards.' You can read the official press release or visit us at"
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PHP Security Consortium Launched

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  • Wow! (Score:5, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday January 31, 2005 @11:28PM (#11536589)
    They must have offices next door to the MySQL Data Integrity Consortium and the Internet Explorer Web Standards Consortium.
  • by Daniel Dvorkin ( 106857 ) * on Tuesday February 01, 2005 @10:49AM (#11539909) Homepage Journal
    Why do folks constantly reinvent the same thing? No or little borrowing. All customized.

    You know, I have to say that reuse is overrated, in any language you can name. I will only use someone else's code -- whether it's a single function or an entire project -- if it's well-documented and shows predictable, easily understood behavior. Very often it is easier to reinvent the wheel than to try to fit someone else's wheel onto the car you're building, especially if that wheel seems to be a good all-around wheel, but in fact shows a nasty tendency to come off when driving between 63 and 71 mph while bearing slightly to the left with a northwest wind under a waning quarter moon. On Tuesdays.

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