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Ubuntu Certified for IBM DB2 79

xsspd2004 writes "Ubuntu Certified for IBM DB2 -- Ubuntu is moving into Enterprise computing with IBM's certification of Ubuntu as "Ready for IBM DB2 Software for Linux". "
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Ubuntu Certified for IBM DB2

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  • Dupe (Score:3, Informative)

    by ghee22 ( 781277 ) on Monday November 28, 2005 @12:52AM (#14126690)
    http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/11/09/ 0547215&tid=163&tid=190
  • and then they come in and there's a dupe! Come on editors, you had ample time to check them for dupes where they disappeared on you.
  • x86 only (Score:4, Interesting)

    by b0r1s ( 170449 ) on Monday November 28, 2005 @01:09AM (#14126774) Homepage
    Very nice to see outside companies pushing for certification, it's just too bad, x86_64 would have been nice. I know many server-farms going from Xeon to Opteron, and partial certification isn't going to help those pushing newer hardware.
    • Re:x86 only (Score:3, Insightful)

      I run Opteron on my destop and tested the 64bit version of Breezy on it some time ago. There's a lot of packages missing, so the apt-get niceness is often useless.
      While desktop use is grealy different from server use, it does stand to show what the situation is like ATM. If the 64 bit version of Breezy came with full support for 32 bit packages then all would be OK, but for some reason one has to set up the compability manually, and how to do that is far from obvious.

      I wouldn't be surpised if some dev decid
  • Well done! (Score:4, Interesting)

    by millennial ( 830897 ) on Monday November 28, 2005 @01:17AM (#14126821) Journal
    I adore Ubuntu. I had Mandrake running on one of my boxen for a while. When I did a system upgrade that included updates to Samba, I found I could no longer START Samba. Which pissed me off, because I was using this system as a file server for my Windows machines.
    So I installed Ubuntu instead, and although I've updated both my kernel and Samba, my configuration is intact, and it runs perfectly. I'm running 5.10 (Breezy Badger), and so far I love it. It's quick, it's intuitive, it's user-friendly, it's FREE, and it's robust.
    Only one problem... I can't get my nVidia card to install the GLX drivers. Not that I have EVER been able to do that under Linux on that box... but that's another story.
    Ubuntu + samba + me = love.
    • Re:Well done! (Score:3, Interesting)

      by bmo ( 77928 )
      I don't know if this is a dupe or not, but I do recall that this is not "news" because this factiod is not NEW. It's great that IBM gives Ubuntu its seal of approval, but this doesn't excite me as much as what would happen if there was a new WordPerfect for Linux.

      As for your problem:

      I had no problem with the Nvidia GL drivers that came with (k)ubuntu. I've gone from SuSE 10 to (k)ubuntu for 3 weeks now, and I still haven't had any pressing issues that would make me go back to SuSE.

      Perhaps, instead of usin
      • Meh.

        Hit submit too soon.

        "It is _important_ that you follow directions and do this without running."

        should be:

        "It is _important_ that you follow directions and do this without running X."

      • I've figured out the problem. Apparently I need the nvidia-glx-legacy drivers, not the plain old nvidia-glx drivers. Oy...
    • I like Ubuntu too, been using it for a couple of days and didn't have to boot back into windows once. What got me though is the video acceleration. I isntalled snes9x and tried to play some snes games, they go way too slow and can't go fullscrenn.

      Also, the highest resolution I can get is 1024*768 and things look way too clunky and *big* on my desktop. Any tips?
    • Re:Well done! (Score:1, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward
      I have an mx4000. great little low-priced 3d graphics card!
      Anyway, apt-get install nvidia-glx nvidia-kernel-common nvidia-settings

      then after all that, run sudo nvidia-glx-config

      restart X. voila, things work fine for me.
    • Re:Well done! (Score:3, Informative)

      by JaniHalinen ( 770824 )

      Only one problem... I can't get my nVidia card to install the GLX drivers. Not that I have EVER been able to do that under Linux on that box... but that's another story.

      http://ubuntuguide.org/#installnvidiadriver/ [ubuntuguide.org]

      I used those instructions to install Nvidia drivers for my laptop. Works great.

      • I followed those instructions, did a "modprobe nvidia" under a failafe (no X) session, and the error I get is: FATAL: Error inserting nvidia (/lib/modules/2.6.12-10-386/volatile/nvidia.ko): No such device Which confuses me. If I try "insmod /......./nvidia.ko" I get: insmod: error inserting '/lib/modules/2.6.12-10-386/volatile/nvidia.ko': -1 No such device Which also confuses me. Any ideas? I'm using an nVidia GeForce 2 TI, which shows up under lsmod as "VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV
  • Example (Score:5, Funny)

    by Ph33r th3 g(O)at ( 592622 ) on Monday November 28, 2005 @01:21AM (#14126842)
    select story, count(*) as dupe from slashdot group by story having count(*) > 1;
  • Wow, twice? (Score:4, Funny)

    by Evro ( 18923 ) <evandhoffman@nospaM.gmail.com> on Monday November 28, 2005 @01:30AM (#14126891) Homepage Journal
    Cool, double certification must be better than single, right?

    http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/11/09/ 0547215&tid=163&tid=190 [slashdot.org]

    • I think part of the dupe problem may be that Slashdot's search function needs some work. I did a search for the words (Ubuntu IBM DB2) before I submitted the story. That article was not returned.

      In any case, I'm sorry for causing the dupe.
      • Well the onus shouldn't fall on the readership to sort out the dupes, it should fall on the editors, since on a site like this, that's all they do. They clearly don't do any "editing" of the content, they just sift through the submissions and choose a few to post. They are the ones who need to do the dupe checking, and while Slashdot's search feature is indeed crappy, Google has a pretty fresh crawl of Slashdot in its db:

        http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=site%3Aslashd ot.org+db2+ubuntu&btnG=Goo [google.com]
  • Acrobat (Score:5, Funny)

    by Centurix ( 249778 ) <centurix@gmai[ ]om ['l.c' in gap]> on Monday November 28, 2005 @01:47AM (#14126966) Homepage
    My passion is loading surprise PDF's into by browser. I can't get enough of them.
  • by rubycodez ( 864176 ) on Monday November 28, 2005 @02:42AM (#14127124)
    here are the Linux distros which are validated (including Ubuntu x86) and also those "validated and reccommended" [ibm.com]
    • Why isn't Debian Listed?

      Ok, Ubuntu might be a peach to use on the desktop, but I won't give up on my STABLE Debian Servers.

      Seriously, is it because there is no big enterprize behind Debian? I went to an Oracle presentation, and when we asked for Debian support they say that Debian doesn't have "official vendor support". Then I replied, "What do you mean? We're the support, we know our needs and we know our servers, there is no need here for vendor support!".

      Debian has been a mature, rock-solid stable distr
      • You imply that Ubuntu is not as stable as Debian. I disagree. Ubuntu manages to take source code from Debian testing and unstable packages and make it stable in a relatively short period of time. Debian takes years to accomplish the same thing.

        Debian just has too many "cooks" that "spoil the broth".

        • Ubuntu might be as stable as Debian Etch (TESTING), but it isn't stable as Sarge is.

          Also, why not support Debian? It's an easy target... there are no frequent release cycle, there are no frequent compiler toolchain changes, no frequent libraries updates.

          Debian should be easier to support than Ubuntu, with their 6 month release cycle, and constant binary compatibility breakage between releases!!
          • Just how "stable" does something have to be? My software works. My system doesn't crash. And unlike Sarge, it's current.

            And just becaue Ubuntu has a 6-month release cycle, there's nothing forcing one to upgrade every 6 months.

            On a related note, I wonder if Debian will really truly abanodon it's recent *three year* "release cycle". ;-)
      • I'm probably going to be moderated as Troll for saying this:

        Debian is a very hard target to develop for. It's primarily a platform for nerds wanting to have it their own way. Yes, that's the fundamental freedom open source gives you. However, that also means there's a lot of diversity even in debian stable. There is no such thing as the debian. It's always 'debian with this-and-that choices made during installation and this-and-that changes to the default setup (yay, let's make two completely different in

      • Debian focuses on making everything work on 12 architectures, while these other distros are more focused on platforms where Oracle can run.
  • HTML Version (Score:2, Informative)

    by compwiz312 ( 711638 )
    HTML Version []
  • by Anonymous Coward
    so much has been said. what is most puzzling is that dont the editors have tool which let them tag articles. so if a ubuntu+ibm article comes in how much time wuld it take to find all other articles with the same tag?
  • By that I mean, what is ubuntu, and what is not ubuntu.

    Take the latest unbuntu - how much of it is 'added' to what it was before it was ubuntu (debian right?)

    I am curious - all distro's should publish this in details, perhaps a standard format.
  • Several times, my stories have been rejected as dupes, yet this one which practially hit me in the face screaming as dupe (as soon as I saw the headline) makes it through? What's the deal /.?

    Not to mention, this isn't just a dupe it's also old news [yahoo.com]
  • by threaded ( 89367 ) on Monday November 28, 2005 @07:31AM (#14127688) Homepage
    I thought Ubuntu meant "Use the jdbc/odbc bridge"
  • by ilmdba ( 84076 ) on Monday November 28, 2005 @07:31AM (#14127690)
    one of these days, oracle or ibm or someone big will get off their ass, and just set up repositories for the apt, and you'll be able to 'apt-get install oracle' or 'apt-get install db2'

    then i'll be impressed.

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