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NVIDIA GPU Gems 3 Call for Participation 8

H. writes "Following the success of GPU Gems and GPU Gems 2, NVIDIA has decided to produce a third GPU Gems volume to showcase the best new ideas and techniques for the latest programmable GPUs. If you would like to contribute to the GPU Gems series, please read the submission guidelines. The deadline for proposal submissions is Monday, December 11, 2006. If your proposal is accepted, you will receive additional time to complete the chapter." (Here are the participation guidelines.)
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NVIDIA GPU Gems 3 Call for Participation

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  • Posting 101 (Score:1, Insightful)

    This may just be a personal pet peeve, but I hate when the author neglects to explain what the hell they are posting about. I'm tech-oriented (are we not all reading slashdot?), but I have no clue what a GPU gem is? I don't feel compelled to go to some outside link just to discover what you are even discussing here.
    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by drinkypoo ( 153816 )

      This may just be a personal pet peeve, but this is news for nerds. Do you not know who nVidia is? Do you really not know what a GPU is? And for that matter, do you really not know what a gem is?

      I'm tech-oriented (are we not all reading slashdot?)

      Tech-oriented? What does that mean exactly? From where I'm sitting it looks like the way you're using it, it means you're facing the computer.

  • As the title indicates, GPU Gems contains a collection of tips and tricks for real-time graphics programming with graphics processing units (GPUs) that are found on modern graphics adapters.

    Yeah, I had no clue what it was either....
  • I have this great idea where you put the color in one texture, and the (precomputed) brightness into another (possibly much lower resolution!) texture. With the right hardware, you can even color AND light the scene in a single pass!
  • Not to be facetious, I have long wanted to see more realistic gems (gemstones) and in fact did some modelling work on them a long time ago. Gemstones are fascinating and particularly with more lifelike video displays coming, realistic calculation of what happens to light in gemstones is perhaps a good area to look at.

    One problem of course is that when you look at a diamond, or a baccarat chandelier for that matter, each eye sees a different path, though perhaps this could be rendered on those new multi-ang

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