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Eclipse Makes Java Development on the Mac Easier 205

An anonymous reader writes "While the Java development environment is fully integrated into Mac OS X, the Eclipse developer IDE brings a fully integrated Java development environment to Mac OS X that provides a more consistent and easier to develop cross-platform experience. This article shows you how quickly you can be up and running with Eclipse and Java development on the Mac. 'Whether you're a Mac OS X Java developer working on cross-platform Java projects, a Linux developer switching to Mac OS X because of its UNIX-based core, or a general Java developer looking to develop applications targeted to Mac OS X, you'll want to look at the Eclipse IDE because it provides a solution to each of these development needs. While Mac OS X provides Xcode as its primary Java development IDE, Eclipse provides a more robust cross-platform development environment, with application frameworks for reporting, database access, communications, graphics, and more, and a rich-client platform framework for building applications.'"
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Eclipse Makes Java Development on the Mac Easier

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  • by jgrahn ( 181062 ) on Sunday September 23, 2007 @02:25AM (#20717181)

    At the university i attend as a CS major, there is a big push in the CS classes to use the Eclipse IDE, and trying to use any other one is frowned upon and teachers try to pressure you into switching due to some hidden policy.

    My question is anyone have an earthly idea why eclipse is being pushed so much?

    Prolonged use of Eclipse causes brain tumors, which release mind control substances, which make you want to convert others to using Eclipse. It's like in Invasion of the Body-Snatchers, only I as far as I know no alien invaders are involved.

    Seriously, I think

    Another question: why does everyone assume you need an IDE, even for simple lab assignments?

  • by Nazlfrag ( 1035012 ) on Sunday September 23, 2007 @04:28AM (#20717621) Journal
    You can write Java apps with that combo? I salute you, Master Hacker.

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