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LLVM 2.2 Released 128

performance geek writes "LLVM 2.2 was released yesterday! This is the thirteenth public release of the open-source compiler that started as a GCC fork. LLVM supports several aggressive optimizations, in compile-, link- and run-time, and often produces faster (1.5-3x) code than GCC. It is also much faster than GCC at compiling (despite the slow link-time optimizations). Gentoo users are already trying to build the whole system with the LLVM toolchain to get the extra performance bit."
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LLVM 2.2 Released

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  • by samkass ( 174571 ) on Tuesday February 12, 2008 @12:44PM (#22393458) Homepage Journal
    Although Apple states that clang is not designed to replace GCC overall, I would be surprised if Apple wasn't planning on it replacing GCC in their products. It appears to provide more performance, smaller binaries, and a freer license than GCC.

    Apple already reportedly uses it to compile their graphics code so that the same code can run on either a GPU or the CPU regardless of chipset available.

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