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Oracle's Open Source Identity Reborn At ForgeRock 76

darthcamaro writes "Oracle trashed a lot of former Sun technologies — not the least of which is Sun's open source identity platform which included OpenSSO and OpenDS. Now open source startup ForgeRock has taken those castoffs and created a business that has been running successfully for year. 'My personal goal here is to prove that you can have an open source business that is profitable,' said Simon Phipps, former chief open source officer at Sun and now chief strategy officer at ForgeRock. 'Having principles and having profit are not mutually exclusive.'"
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Oracle's Open Source Identity Reborn At ForgeRock

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday February 19, 2011 @12:45PM (#35254126)

    If you actually try buying some of that stuff you will quickly find that Oracle has not got the faintest idea about how they are supposed to support Sun hardware, much less the heavier enterprise portfolios. They are all there in the price lists, but there are absolutely nobody around who can help with issues.

  • by Roskolnikov ( 68772 ) on Saturday February 19, 2011 @01:04PM (#35254208)


    If Larry is in to profit he is in for it all; any kindness would result in less profit.

    Look at it this way, Ponytail went too far in open sourcing everything he could, he literally slashed Sun's throat, Oracle has participated in open source
    previous to the Sun acquisition and I suspect will continue to do so; what they will not do is lift their britches for free.

    I don't like where the support model is head for Solaris, someone got the idea that 20% of their customer base resulted in 80% of their profit, this equation often
    holds true, if you cut the 80 percent that is left and look at the 20% as 100% you'll be able to once more say 80% of my profit comes from 20% of my customers.

    Either way I see a lot of the whining coming out of the Sun acquisition coming from the very same people who put Sun in a position to be acquired.

    As someone who has made a fairly good career out of supporting Solaris I believe what Larry is doing will at the very least keep Solaris around for a while longer
    and that suits me just fine.

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