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Stack Exchange Website Profiler Now Open Source 56

ScuttleMonkey writes "Joel Spolsky sent out smoke signals this morning about the recent release of the Stack Exchange Website Profiler as open source. Sam Saffron expounds on why this profiler is perhaps 'best and most comprehensive production web page profiler out there for any web platform.' The project is available via Google Code or NuGet."
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Stack Exchange Website Profiler Now Open Source

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  • by j-pimp ( 177072 ) <zippy1981@gm[ ].com ['ail' in gap]> on Thursday June 09, 2011 @03:08PM (#36392246) Homepage Journal

    Awesome, open source code that requires you to use a closed source system to run it. That always makes me laugh.

    Are you running on pure open hardware? is all the microcode on all your firmware devices open source?

    You have a piece of software that can be integrated in a .NET web app to gain more visibility into how the app functions. Having that available is a good thing if you write .NET code. Having the source code available is a potentially better thing for you (I say potentially because I'm speaking of immediate and direct utility). The fact that .NET itself is not open source, and that windows itself is not open source does not nullify the utility of access to the source code for this profiler.

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