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Oracle May 'Fork Itself' With MySQL Moves 137

New submitter packetrat writes "Ars Technica analyzes the recent commercial additions by Oracle to MySQL Enterprise and the additional unrest it's added to the community. Oracle may be throwing itself out of the community as it pushes more customers to look at fully open-source alternatives."
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Oracle May 'Fork Itself' With MySQL Moves

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  • by Richard_at_work ( 517087 ) <richardprice AT gmail DOT com> on Tuesday September 27, 2011 @08:39AM (#37525252)

    Nice to see someone try to push the "Windows" angle...

    In all truth, this doesn't affect anyone at all - MySQL is GPLed so, according to RMS, it should already be protected from Big Bad Oracle... Is Oracle really required to move MySQL forward? If not, then why the complaints - and if so, then does the fact that it is GPLed really mean anything at all?

    In reality, Oracle has been bound by its merger with Sun to actually offer more assurances than Sun was ever required to offer - 4 years of support. What did Sun offer? Nothing.

    Technically, MySQL should be in a better position after the Oracle merger...

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