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IT's Next Hot Job: Hadoop Guru 112

gManZboy writes "JPMorgan Chase and other companies at this year's Hadoop World conference came begging for job applicants: They say they can't find enough IT pros with certain skills, including Hadoop MapReduce. That spells high pay. As for Hadoop's staying power as a career path (a la SQL 30 years ago), IBM, Microsoft and Oracle have all embraced Hadoop this year. Maybe the best news of all: 'Intelligent technologists will pick up Hadoop very quickly.'"
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IT's Next Hot Job: Hadoop Guru

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  • by ackthpt ( 218170 ) on Wednesday November 09, 2011 @06:21PM (#38005654) Homepage Journal

    If I were a recruiter, I would automatically be wary of anyone who seriously refers to themselves as a "guru" of $language. Sure, you may be good at writing code and may know a particular library inside out, but anyone who calls themselves a guru probably has a very overinflated sense of their importance and actual skill level. These also tend to be the people who have the right buzzwords to get past HR filters and then proceed to bullshit their way through interviews.

    "It says in your resume you were part of the initial development team and wrote one of the first reference books on $language."

    "That is correct, I was also part of a team which worked to ensure cross-platform consistency and stability. I've also written tutorials in $language and developed several application examples which are included in the reference website."

    "Anything else you'd like to add?"

    "I also have chaired the past two Worldwide $language development conferences and am teaching an Introduction to $language at the local community college."

    "That all sounds very good, but what development experience do you have developing $language in $businessEnvironment?"

    "None, really. I think this will likely be the first instance of its kind using $language in $businessEnvironment."

    "Sorry to hear that. We're looking for someone with more experience. Thank you for your time, there's the door."

  • by Xyrus ( 755017 ) on Wednesday November 09, 2011 @10:38PM (#38008186) Journal

    Hadoop is geat, fast, and easy to use!*

    *Statements are based on word count example and terrasort. Performance may vary greatly. May need to spend significant amounts of time to tune cluster for your particular data and applications to see any real performance. Applications may need to be specially designed to fit within the tuning constraints of the cluster. This statement does not apply if you are using binary data of significant size (BDOSS). Multiple data sets and apps may not perform equally well within the cluster. Data pre-processing, formatting, sequencing, and other such steps are not included in this statement. If you any problems, hope to $DIETY Google returns a hit. See your browser search bar for further details.

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